Nordstrom Coupons – Laila Perfume Turns Heads


Usually known for their incredibly wide range of majestic shoes, Nordstrom hits the bullseye once again with Laila, but this time in a different section of the store. Laila perfume produced by Gier Ness of Norway and named for his mother, was presented to rave reviews at the Nordstrom Cosmetics Trend show this spring. Laila carries a very clean and fresh floral scent, with a subtle sweetness, like watermelon. I’m told , “Laila is the true essence of Norway, beauty, freshness and woman”. I personally cannot vouch for this having never been to Norway, nor dated any Norwegian women. I did hear these testimonials however:

“All I know is that when I wear it, everybody, from my husband (who can’t smell) to my co-workers to strangers will stop and say, ‘what do you have on? you smell really good.’ It’s not overpowering, won’t out-smell everyone in the room but is enough to make a statement. I love it.”

“This is the only fragrance where I have actually finished a full bottle!! A good friend of mine introduced me to this perfume – she just smelled SOOO amazing, I had to ask her what she was wearing. She smelled clean, floral…with a touch of fruity-ness. I didn’t know that even existed in a scent, and at the time…it was exactly what I was looking for…All in all, a great fragrance…and I get many compliments on this from men.”

Seems to me that Laila is everything I like a perfume to be: subtle, clean and reserved in presentation, though attention grabbing. Has Laila grabbed your attention? Laila can be found at Nordstrom, check out our free online perfume coupons and go make a splash!

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